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ano ne

Je nám líto, ale osobám mladším 18ti let alkohol neprodáváme.

The thought and the mission

A logical step to finishing the completion of the Tretter’s brand is opening the Gallery Spirits Shop. There you can find unique items from the collection of Michael Tretter and the Tretter’s family, which has a 90 year long gastronomic tradition, for example the collection of shakers and other equipment for bartenders, but also premium, investment and auction alcohol, exclusive wines and champagne. An integral part of the gallery is also the artwork and paintings from promising young Czech artists, as well as retro photography and other extraordinary objects.

First auction of investment alcohol

We are preparing the first investment alcohol auction for a major whisky, an event with a personal appearance of the Scottish Master blender. In the following months there will be three more auctions of investment bottles, which we have at the moment reserved abroad.

Buyout of interesting bottles

Do you own an interesting unopened bottle vintage 1989 that is completely intact? Are you the owner of such a bottle and don’t know what to do? We will be happy if you contact us, so we can either buy it from you or help you sell it.

Unique items

Through foreign auctions, for several years we bought in premium and collector bottles, limited editions or single pieces, of which only limited numbers were made in the world. Thanks to the careful selection we can now offer you bottles that can often be found only in private collections, as well as bottles that have the sign “not for sale”, because they are part of our private collection of investment alcohol. It was the lover of everything extraordinary, the founder and co-owner of the shop Daniel Rajchrt who purchased all those rare and collector bottles. The unique bottles of wines and champagne are under the auspices of the Vino Vino Vino company belonging to Tereza and Karel Němeček, who have the same penchant for wine as we do for the spirits.

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